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Ikea’s New Indoor Farms to Supply Produce for In-Store Restaurants

The hydroponic system is basically a big Ikea hack.

Just a few months after releasing an indoor gardening kit for apartment dwellers, Swedish furniture giant Ikea is scaling up their hydroponic system for commercial food production. The company teamed up with experimental Copenhagen lab Space 10 to develop an indoor farming system—simply named ‘The Farm’—which will be installed within Ikea’s in-store restaurants.

Yes, the spot where you get your Swedish meatball fix will now grow its own veggies, all via a farming structure designed to be built almost entirely out of existing Ikea products.

Everything from the shelves to the plastic plant bins to the farm’s life-giving LED fixtures can be found on Ikea shelves—80 percent of the items needed to build out each hydroponic farm are also on sale within the store.

In time, the company plans to make their indoor farming system available to other restaurants and serve as a model for the future of food production.

The environmentally conscious furniture companies sees their indoor farming initiative as another step toward sustainability.