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These Prefab Wooden Shelters Were Designed Solely for Napping

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Three are currently under construction in China

Prefab wood panels are the building blocks of some curious new structures now rising at Jade Valley Winery outside of the central Chinese city of Xi’an. Called "Napavilions," these dwellings were expressly designed for—you guessed it—napping and emerged out of a recent international design competition sponsored by the University of Southern California’s American Academy in China.

Seven winning proposals, shown below, were selected this month. Three of them —The "Woodokan," "SkySleeper," and "PODNA"—are currently under construction at the vineyards and will be ready in time for a "Napavilion Festival" on July 23. While these structures will provide a rad place of respite for workers and guests at the winery, all of the concepts were designed to be adaptable to different types of terrain. So, which one would you like to catch a snooze in?