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Sleek, Custom Shelving System Is Actually Easy to Install

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The Wallace modular system aims to provide simple, top-shelf shelving

Wall-mounted shelving has always been tricky. There’s the stud-finding, the leveling, and the gaping holes left over from ill-aimed pilot holes. But birch-loving furniture company Swenyo—the creators of these DIY table legs—believes it has a solution to the shelving struggle.

Inspired by French cleats, the Wallace modular shelf system, which now has its own crowdfunding campaign, features wall mounts, birch rails, and a line of mix-and-match accessories that can be used to create customized shelving setups. You could install a shelf with a set of display boxes for holding books and an integrated reading light, or set up a rack with hooks, power strips, and cable managers.

The kit, currently available on Indiegogo, includes a hammer, level, and nails. The birch rail fits snugly over the metal mount, and the accessories and shelves fit onto the top of the rail or slide through a center slot. The look of the shelves is clean and modern, with an option for birch or powder-coated white accessories.

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