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Zaha Hadid Furniture, Jewelry, and Footwear Designs Take Spotlight in New Show

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The London exhibition also includes footwear by Hadid

After Zaha Hadid’s untimely death on March 31 at age 65, there’s been a rush to rediscover the trailblazing, prize winning architect’s work in every medium, from full-scale building design to furniture, jewelry, and more. At this year’s Venice Architecture Biennale, an impromptu show featuring the architect’s landmark paintings and models—as well as photographs by Hélène Binet of Hadid’s work—took center stage. And, recently, Iraq announced Hadid would receive a memorial stamp (which, mystifyingly, feature her controversial and scrapped Tokyo Olympics stadium design).

A new exhibition in the English capital by Masterpiece London, called the Zaha Hadid Commemorative Salon and organized by David Gill Gallery CEO Francis Sultana, helps further the public’s familiarity with Hadid’s less-celebrated work. Showcasing Hadid’s work jewelry collaborations with Danish luxury design company Georg Jensen, as well as her Nova Shoe for United Nude and Liquid Glacial coffee table and bowl, the "salon" is meant to give a fuller picture of Hadid’s genius and incredible output.

According to Dezeen, Sultana, the show’s curator, "commissioned a number of furniture designs from the architect before her death," some of which will be on display as well. Masterpiece London runs from Thursday, June 30 to Wednesday, July 6.