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Apartment in Le Corbusier’s Brutalist Classic Gets Postmodern Revamp

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It's Italian designer Alessandro Mendini's turn to restyle the place

Every summer since 2008, one apartment in Marseille’s Cité Radieuse, Le Corbusier’s groundbreaking Brutalist housing complex, has received a designer facelift that totally reimagines the space. This year, Apartment N°50’s owners, Jean-Marc Drut and Patrick Blauwart, invited Italian designer and architect Alessandro Mendini to spruce up the place.

Like the prominent designers tasked with the job before him— a roster that includes the likes of Konstantin Grcic, Pierre Charpin, and Bouroullec brothers—Mendini introduced a sample of his own designs to the existing collection of furniture, which includes pieces by Charlotte Perriand and Le Corbusier himself.

Mendini, whose stellar contributions to postmodernism include the iconic Proust chair, not surprisingly brought a ton of color to the flat. Watch out for a mini golden Proust chair, Amuleto lamps Mendini released last year, and a vibrant row of totems on the mezzanine level, conceived as He brought in a mix of his own furniture designs, circular lamps, geometric elements on the walls, and a striking row of totems overlooking the two-story living area. For the full story and more photos, head to Dezeen.