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Minimalist Aluminum House is all Clean Lines and No Nonsense

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Serene (and almost spooky)

Even though this glistening, modern house is all clean lines and sharp corners, there’s something so serene about the minimalist space in spite of its starkness. Perhaps it’s the cool marble flooring, or the floor-to-ceiling windows looking onto the pool, or the institutional-white walls that remind us that less is often more.

Designed by Valencia-based Fran Silvestre Arquitectos, the so-called Aluminum House in Madrid plays to the concept of understated luxury to great effect. A central atrium and marble staircase are perhaps its boldest amenities, as many things, including a second mini kitchen, are hidden behind closed cabinet doors.

To experience the house, view the architectural video by Alfonso Calza below, and imagine yourself floating through the light-filled space.