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Ikea Going Green: Flat-Pack Giant Plans to Produce Its Own Power by 2020

The flat-pack furniture giant says it'll produce more electricity than it needs in less than five years

Soon, you could be getting a new power-packed offering from the Swedish furniture giant. Ikea has plans to become a net producer of electricity by 2020, investing in sustainability measures and additional energy production sources to generate more electricity than it consumes.

The furniture company already operates 314 wind turbines and 700,000 solar panels, which produce 53 percent of the firm's energy needs, according to The Guardian. At present, Ikea's Canadian wind farm generates double the energy it consumes and its operations in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Poland have achieved net-zero energy consumption.

With a pledge to invest roughly $1.5 billion in renewable energy products, the earth's biggest furniture retailer is also aiming to become one of its most environmentally friendly.

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