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Sleek Japanese Home Designed to Mimic Tokyo’s Cityscape

The Sukima Atelier's energetic facade conceals a calm, collected interior

There’s something energizing about the excitement and movement of a city—it’s a feeling that Makiko Tsukada Architects hoped to capture in their design for a modern home and art gallery in Tokyo.

The Sukima Atlier features a series of visually interconnected spaces—some open, like gardens or public areas, and some closed to echo the feeling of private homes and office buildings.

The front door opens into a double-height gallery space with a terrace-like lounge on the mezzanine above. The kitchen and dining area is enclosed in a floating volume separating the main space from the office and bedroom in the rear of the home. A second floating volume toward the front of the space forms the library.

Despite the presence of multiple staircases, the floating shapes and minimal profile of the handrails keeps the space feeling light and open, even with its dark wood paneling.

All of the surfaces are clean and minimal with little decoration beyond a handful of potted plants. Two circular skylights provide natural light into the interior.