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Impressive São Paulo Summer House is Perfect for Entertaining

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It even has a manmade pond that doubles as a swimming pool

Here’s another impressive São Paulo house that’s sure to get you itching for a summer getaway, STAT—or at least the long weekend. Designed by Studio Arthur Casas, the four-bedroom "horizontal" summer house with views to a golf course and the woods is characterized by extensive indoor-outdoor space enhanced by connected living and entertaining areas, a manmade pond, a sculptural floating staircase, and bespoke furniture.

The main attraction of this modern residence is the pond that was created as a response to the dry climate of the region. Fish and plants keep the waters naturally clean, and a deeper section allows the pond to be used for swimming. Surrounding the massive outdoor patio space that opens up into the home, the pond establishes a unique connection between the structure’s sleek lines and the landscape’s greenery.

Inside, the floors of the private areas are laid with wood, while the common spaces with rough stone. Brick walls and a high wooden ceiling define the first floor, while sliding glass doors and windows that disappear into the walls divide the home into private and common areas. Outside, the home features a facade made up vertical wood slats and louvers, which contrasts nicely with the rustic, horizontal bricks. Take a look around.