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Tiny House on Wheels Goes Big on Windows

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All of the windows

Here’s another cute—and mobile!—tiny home that doesn’t feel tiny at all, and, in fact, feels downright spacious. It comes from Walden Studio in the Netherlands, where the mobile tiny homes movement has recently been gaining traction.

This 17-square-meter (or 182-square-foot), minimalist tiny house is mounted on a trailer for Marjolein Jonker, a self-proclaimed tiny house "pioneer" and ambassador for the movement in the Netherlands—and certainly makes the case for comfortable tiny living.

The light-flooded house-on-wheels features a French-door entrance, windows on all four walls plus skylights on both sides of the pitched roof, solar panels, a full kitchen, bathroom, an old fashioned furnace, loft bed, a unique staircase-cum-storage-cum seating system, a reading nook that can be turned into a dining table for four—and even more storage space.

Take a look around. You might want to stay awhile.