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Clever Duplex Offers a Solution to L.A. Housing Shortage

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Could this double capacity in the City of Angels?

In the U.S.’s urban centers, from San Francisco to New York and many places in between, a scarcity of quality affordable housing is the issue giving lawmakers—and, especially, citizens—the biggest headaches. So this novel solution for packing twice the punch and doubling capacity on a lot initially designated for a single-family home, is quite welcome.Designed by Los Angeles studio YU2E, the "Bluplex," as it’s aptly named, is stacked dual-family housing, clad in fiber-cement boards painted the hue that gives the structure its name. Each unit has "direct, convenient access to private outdoor areas," according to Designboom, which can be accessed right off each home’s common living area via sliding glass doors.

The interiors are simple and streamlined, and feature white walls, dark wood floors, and rectilinear windows of various shapes and sizes. Take a look around.