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Plumen Launches Colorful Collection of Pendant Lights

Add a dose of whimsy to any room

Plumen, the London-based company of designer low energy lighting, has teamed up with Croatian designer Jagoda Jurisic to launch the Modern Family collection, a line of adorable energy-efficient pendants for children’s spaces that feature colorful bunting on their cables.

The tiny felt flags are handmade in Jurisic’s Berry Bright Factory in Zagreb and are available in several combinations of hues, including rainbow brights, soft pastels, animal print, monochrome with a single pop of color, and one that illustrates the concept of primary and secondary colors. The cables can be twisted into various configurations and are attached to Plumen’s Drop Cap pendant in white or black, which are compatible with Baby Plumen 001 and 002 LED bulbs.

Though the lights are intended for use in children’s rooms, there’s no reason why adults shouldn’t be able to hang them in a room for a much-needed dose of whimsy. The collection is available on Plumen’s website as well as Jurisic’s Etsy shop.