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New Smart Bike Tracks Itself to Deter Thieves

Bike thieves beware; this high-tech Dutch cycle won't stay lost for long

Brooklyn-based Dutch bike company VanMoof has just launched a new series of technologically tricked-out cycles. An integrated electronics system lets riders unlock their bikes with the tap of an accompanying app or a hand placed on the frame. The app also gives riders weather notifications tailored to their typical commute.

But the most interesting feature of the new SmartBike is its theft-recovery service. If one of the bikes is stolen, VanMoof has an in-house bike recovery team who will track the stolen cycle and return it. If they can't get the bike back within two weeks, the company will replace it.

"Roughly 1.5 million bikes are stolen in the U.S. each year, valued at $350 million, and only 2.4 percent are recovered," said VanMoof in a statement. "The SmartBike is designed to empower people to confidently invest in a quality bike without fear of having it stolen."

Other features include charger-free power (generated by pedaling), lights that automatically turn on, and a dashboard built into the frame that displays your speed in realtime. With a price tag of $1,098-1,298, the first SmartBikes will ship in October.

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