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Idyllic Lake House With French-Inspired Touches Asks $6.9M

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A bit of Provence in the Pacific Northwest

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Location: Mercer Island, Washington

Price: $6,850,000

Tucked into a hill on an island in Lake Washington, this 2001-built charmer offers classic elegance with tip-top privacy. Named Maison des Volets (that is, House of Shutters), the 6,000-square-foot home seeks to create the kind of rustic, natural beauty found in Provence, the southeastern region of France that's indeed filled with homes donning those blue-green shutters.

The romantic countryside style continues inside the six-bedroom house, which features limestone floors, exposed beams, handcrafted pine doors, a modern kitchen inspired by French farmhouses, and an 18th-century limestone fireplace imported from France's Loire Valley. And where Provence overlooks the Mediterranean, every floor of Maison des Volets enjoys tranquil views out to Lake Washington and Seattle's Seward Park, a 300-acre forest refuge. Even closer to the water is a "lake house studio" with its own kitchen and bathroom. It's all pretty dreamy.