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English Tower That Rich Guy Built to Imprison Wife Is Up For Sale

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All things considered, it is a very nice tower

The tallest folly in the United Kingdom is on the market with no asking price because, well, could you price this thing? "We have rarely, if ever, seen anything comparable come to the open market," one of the brokers handling the sale said. Hadlow Tower was constructed in 1838 by wealthy businessman Walter May who suspected that his wife was cheating on him and decided to build a tower to imprison her, like a real life Rapunzel's father, except real and therefore horrifying. The 175-foot tower went on to serve as an observation post and vegetable store during World War II (the vegetable stored inside were suspected of cheating on their vegetable husbands), was converted into a home in 1976, was badly damaged in a storm in 1987, and was recently restored by a trust. It has three bedrooms and two reception rooms, which really come in handy if you happen to never leave the house.

Historic tower built to confine an adulterous wife hits the market in England [Luxury Listings]

Hadlow Tower, High Street, Hadlow, Tonbridge, TN11 0EG [Eddisons]