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Skinny House, Just 13 Feet Wide, Offers Sun and Air in a Dense Vietnam City

The high-density housing trend marches on

There's just something about a narrow house: Remarkable for their ability to squeeze in all the necessary domestic functions in a constrained space, these slim residences are most frequently deployed in high-density cities across Japan and, lately, Vietnam.

Now comes another, the 4-meter-wide (about 13 feet) Cul-de-Sac House in the Vietnamese city of Vinh, designed by Hanoi firm Nguyen Khac Phuoc Architects for a young couple. Though photos show a very sparsely decorated interior, they put the architecture on full display: Polished concrete floors meet whitewashed walls in the three-story home, which is hemmed in on three sides by other structures.

This arrangement made getting light and air into the narrow, long home (10 feet deep, to be exact) a priority for the architects, and they settled on a series of spaces that lead off a central, skylit-illuminated atrium, which each room overlooks (pictured above). Take a look.