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This Company Wants to Mess Up Drones That Come Near Your House

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The perfect thing for prisons, the paranoid, and people who just hate drones

Dedrone, a new startup, is like the old man sitting on his porch yelling "Get off my lawn!" of the twenty-first century. As the name suggests, the function of the company is to keep drones away from a particular building, such as a prison (makes sense) or your house (makes less sense, but still sounds like fun). The technology that it offers includes, from order of least to most fun, a DroneTracker, a RF Scanner (which could download information from the drones and spy on them as they are spying on you), and a Jammer, which would just disable them. As we, like nearly everyone, feel an irrational amount of animus toward drones, we are in full support of all of this.

A New Service Is Promising To Protect Your House From Drones [PSFK]