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There's Now a Pipeline of Beer Under Bruges

How do you turn a fairytale town into even more of a fairytale?

Bruges has been described, in the movie In Bruges and also presumably elsewhere, as "a fairytale town." And that was before it had a $4.5 million beer pipeline running under it. The pipeline, which is set to open this summer, was conceived by brewer Xavier Vanneste to help clear the city's storybook roads of beer-transporting trucks, and was paid for with the help of a $335,000 crowdfunding campaign, where people who contributed $8,400 now receive one bottle of beer every day for the rest of their lives. Read on in Wired about how the whole thing was constructed—as you might imagine, getting a beer pipeline built under an historic city was quite in interesting process.

Bruges Built an Underground Beer Pipeline to Improve Traffic [Wired]