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Banksy Surprises British Elementary School With Mural

Let's all name our houses after Banksy in hopes that he shows up and draws on them

Let this be a lesson to everybody deciding what to name a building: if you name it after Banksy, Banksy might show up and draw a mural on it. That was the case with the Bridge Farm Primary School in Bristol, where students were allowed to vote to name four houses on campus a few weeks ago, chose the street artist as the namesake for one of them, and showed up to school this morning to find a mural of a child playing with a flaming tire. (The other three houses will presumably not be so lucky as their namesakes, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, John Cabot, and Blackbeard, are all dead.)

Banksy left a note, encouraging the kids to make their own additions to the mural.

Students Rename a Building After Banksy, Banksy Shows Up [Colossal]