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Tour BIG’s Serpentine Pavilion With Early Photos and Interactive Model

The speculative 3D model by Archilogic lets users move and sculpt the temporary pavilion, which will open (for real) this weekend in London

This weekend, the highly anticipated 2016 Serpentine Pavilion, designed by Bjarke Ingels’s firm BIG, will open in London. Designing the structure is an annual architecture tradition, and one more sign that Ingels is on a quest to (a) enter the running for the Pritzker or (b) become famous enough that even non-architecture people know his name. Probably both!

BIG's design, an "unzipped wall" of fiberglass boxes that riffs on the common brick wall, has been described as a series of contradictions ("free-form yet rigorous," "transparent and opaque"). The early press preview has already produced a flood of intriguing images on social media.

A few frames from the finish line

A photo posted by Bjarke ingels (@bjarkeingels) on

Fiber frames

A photo posted by Bjarke ingels (@bjarkeingels) on

10-second tour of Bjarke Ingels' Serpentine Pavilion

A video posted by Olly Wainwright (@ollywainwright) on

Bjarke Ingels at the Serpentine

A photo posted by Olly Wainwright (@ollywainwright) on

The "multipurpose pavilion" in Hyde Park, open from June 10 to October 9, seems open to interpretation. Which may explain while our pals at Archilogic took it upon themselves to create a speculative interactive 3D model that allows users to adjust and alter the structure. We can’t guarantee complete fidelity to the design and architect’s intentions, but it's a fun exercise if your passport won't be taking you to London this summer.

And if you are planning to visit the Serpentive Pavilion once it opens on June 10, share your pics and see how they compare.

This virtual tour was created by Archilogic, a firm that specializes in creating 3D models for architecture and real estate, and allows users to upload floor plans and create their own virtual tours. Check out their tours of unbuilt Frank Lloyd Wright projects, including the Ralph Jester House and the Dr. Hugh Pratt Home. Recently, Archilogic officially released, which allows users to create their own virtual tours by signing up here.

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