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Artful Wood Slats and Concrete Create Chic, Minimalist Retreat

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A masterful use of materials results in a fabulous, restrained residence

The modernist maestros at Pitsou Kedem have done it again, designing another stunning minimalist abode. The luxurious S House is a massive set of concrete-and-glass rectangles that manages to maintain an elegant spatial relationship with its setting.

The trick here is the visual syncopation of the warm wooden vertical slats that surround the base of the building, acting as both a fence and a window screen. Angled in seemingly random ways, the slats establish a subtle relationship with the street while visually softening the stark geometry of the main structure. With the slats and lush greenery, the home appears both modern and inviting, clean-lined and luxurious.

Behind the fence, the living room's massive panes of glass open onto the home's zen-like private garden on one side and a backyard lounge and pool area on the other. The concrete second story of the home, with its long band of windows and cantilevered end, seems to take its proportions and style from Le Corbusier's Villa Savoye—it even has round Savoye-like columns.

The enormous kitchen has a large jet-black island with bar seating. Everything else is hidden behind a set of built-in cabinets. The home's windowed private spaces are screened by the slats but also come with floor-to-ceiling curtains running along a recessed track on the perimeter.

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