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Classic Video Game Company Atari to Make Smart Home Devices

A company known for retro gaming tries to reinvent itself for the age of the Internet of Things

Home arcade pioneer Atari is getting back into the hardware game with a range of smart gadgets and connected home devices. Without revealing many details, Atari announced that it's teamed up with the French wireless company Sigfox to develop highly connectable home gizmos that don't require a lot of power.

The new offerings will range from the simple to the sophisticated and incorporate features like GPS tracking, temperature readings, sensor alerts, and even a panic button. It's a departure for the video game pioneer, which has tried different means of reinventing itself after its heyday in the early '80s.

Atari told Engadget that they're eyeing a number of markets in the home, lifestyle, and safety categories including everything from kid-trackers to connected pet accessories, travel tools, and more. Home security devices may play a big role in this new initiative.

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