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Maine Will Pay For Your Vacation, Provided You Never Leave

It's not the easiest prize to claim, but Maine is pretty nice

The state of Maine is hurting for information tech workers, doctors, nurses, and people in various other professions. But what it is not hurting for is vacationers, and a new program called "Visit For a Week, Stay for a Lifetime" hopes to combine the two into one, convincing visitors to the state to become full-time residents. As incentive, transplants can have their vacation expenses recouped, although it's not quite as good as it seems at first glance—in order to get the free money, you have to be hired by one of the dozen companies that are participating in the program, and they get to decide how much they want to give you, making it more of a signing bonus than a free anything. Still, if you want to vacation for a week in Maine, go in for the interviews at a hospital, get hired, and then yell "Suckers!" jet back to New York City, we suppose that is an option.

Maine Wants to Reward You for Moving There [Boston]