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3 New Furniture Collections Weave New Technology Into Cool Designs

A trio of new furniture lines made from very different materials: fabric, aluminum, and carbon fiber

New technology continues to affect—or "disrupt," if you will—every industry under the sun, including furniture design and manufacturing. Here are three new collections of seating—and a few other pieces—that use very different materials and methods to achieve their design goals (the most important of which we hope is comfort).

1. Cradle collection by Benjamin Hubert for Moroso

The term "three-dimensional" seems to be bandied about wherever possible in the design world, whether it's to describe 3D printing or simply the use of a non-two-dimensional object, but here it's used to describe stretchable fabric. Layer, a design studio founded by Brit Benjamin Hubert (of 3D-printed wheelchair fame), has released the "Cradle" collection for Italian furnishings company Moroso. The line includes a chair, screen, table and cushion covers covered in what is described as a graphic "three-dimensional" stretchy fabric that envelopes the cushioned seat as well as the person using it like a low-maintenance hammock.

2. Roll Collection by Verena Hennig

Next up is the Roll Collection, a set of colorful outdoor furniture from German design studio Verena Hennig made from aluminum that features patent pending rolling tubes on the seat and back rest components that let users glide back and forth—and receive a little massage at the same time. The collection includes a chair, lounge chair, bench, and stool available in a range of bold colors.

3. Fiber Placement Chair by designer Marleen Kaptein and Label/Breed

The third offering is from Dutch designer Marleen Kaptein, who partnered with design brand Label/Breed, is arguably the most technical of the pieces. They have created a chair fashioned from ribbons of carbon fiber that a placement robot from the Netherlands Aerospace Centre wrapped in a grid pattern on a frame made from compressed recycled carbon.