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Gorgeous Rug Collaboration Makes a Case for Plush Flooring

They look so soft and sumptuous

Hardwood floors are beautiful, hardy, and usually one of the must-haves on a home hunter's list of amenities. But there's also something so comforting and plush about stepping onto sumptuous carpeting, which can be hard to find (and for good reason) in a city apartment.

This is why the second collection of monochromatic rugs from New York-based design studios Aelfie (whose designer Alfie Oudghiri hosted our sister site Racked at her home last year) and Studio Proba calls out to us. Available exclusively through Matter Matters, these luxurious area rugs look like sections of cushiony wall-to-wall carpeting—but are more versatile and adaptable and therefore highly covetable.

They come in a muted palette of colors including dusty pink, mauve, gray, and beige, and in bolder navy blue, green, and black, in a hand tufted or hand knotted wool or silk style. Subtle geometric patterns of circles, lines, or concentric frames leave light impressions on the rugs. We can't wait to get our feet on these.