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Ribbon-Shaped Minimalist Home Unravels Upon Swiss Hillside

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This three-story toboggan is actually a cozy, airy retreat

Poised on a hill above Lake Zurich, the minimal and modernist Flexhouse looks like its ready to glide down a snowy mountainside. Designed by Evolution, the home's curving white facade forms an unbroken ribbon of floors and walls, with glass wrapping around the remaining three sides of the building.

Those curves give the structure a playful, sled-like profile. But inside, everything is mature and sophisticated. An open plan allows the ground floor kitchen to flow into the dining area and living room. Upstairs, glass partitions maintain simple yet sleek separation between the master bedroom and guest room. A study on the top floor has access to a pair of sunny roof decks with spectacular views of the lake.

The central spiral staircase echoes the home's structural curves on a different axis, while geometric cabinetry on the ground floor offers a right-angled counterpoint.

An underground garage hidden inside of the hill upon which the home is built dashes any hopes that the Flexhouse will slip off on a sledding adventure any time soon.

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