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Ikea Announces Two New Collaborations, Updates Iconic Blue Tote

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Your favorite laundry bag is now chicer than ever

Exciting news laundromat users: the ubiquitous, all-purpose blue and yellow polypropylene Ikea Frakta shopping tote just got a chic makeover. Unveiled this morning during the Swedish company's annual Democratic Design Day, the new bag is made of durable white and forest green woven fabric with matching green straps.

Designed by Danish design studio Hay, the new tote is part of a larger, just-announced collaboration with Ikea that will be released in 2017. The minimalist collection also includes a green chair, a sleek wooden table, bench, and desk lamp.

The second big collaboration Ikea announced this morning is with British designer Tom Dixon. All we know about the collection, which is set for an August 2017 release, is that it will include an aluminum-framed sofa that Dixon hopes will supplant the popular Klippan couch.

The two collaborations are part of the furniture giant's far-reaching vision to address the future of Scandinavian design and the ways in which adaptable furniture and living spaces can meet evolving, distinctly modern needs. We can hardly wait.