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19th century country estate in Pennsylvania asks $3.85 million

The grounds are every bit as beautiful as the house itself

The grounds of this Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania estate, on the market for $3.85 million, are every bit as exciting as the house itself, and the house is pretty exciting. Dating back to 1881, it was designed by architect Theophilus P. Chandler, who definitely, at the very least, really sounds like a great 19th century architect. (And he probably was, too, because this house is beautiful.) Speaking of great architect names, the grounds (now down to 5.24 acres from an original 320) "largely follow landscape architect Oglesby Paul's 1914 plan." Anyway, that's enough words; let's all look at these pictures forever.

560 S Bryn Mawr Ave, Byrn Mawr Pa, PA [Zillow]