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New Tiny House Lives Large With Extra-High Ceiling and Fun Curves

The bedroom looks huge

The tiny house shows off handmade split windows.
All photos via Zyl Vardos

Behold the Moon Dragon, the latest tiny house from Abel Zimmerman Zyl of Zyl Vardos, the Olympia, WA-based builder who favors curves and arches over, you know, the standard box on wheels. Indeed, just like his previous projects, Moon Dragon is quite whimsical: there is a charming Dutch-style door on one side, rounded split windows at another corner, and a sprinkle of differently shaped and sized windows all over.

What's really impressive about this tiny house, which is filled with nifty touches like Onduvilla roofing, a curved skylight, and rolling drawers under the stairs, is the height of the lofted sleeping area. When tiny house loft beds are so often craw-space-only, this particular loft with a 5.5-foot high arched ceiling and double closets flanking the entrance feels like a master bedroom in comparison. Find out more about Moon Dragon on the Zyl Vardos Facebook page.

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