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F. Scott Fitzgerald's Former St. Paul Row House Asks $650K

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It's where the famed author worked on his rocking debut, This Side of Paradise

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Location: St. Paul, Minnesota

Price: $650,000

Very hot new item in the Twin Cities: the St. Paul row house where legendary American author F. Scott Fitzgerald lived in during his early 20s, and where he worked on the career-launching 1920 novel, This Side of Paradise. If that bit of literary history isn't enticing enough, the 3,500-square-foot home is also quite a beaut itself.

Built in 1889 by Clarence Johnston, the four-bedroom house features a soaring three-story staircase, three gorgeous fireplaces, a formal dining room, private deck, and of course, the charming stone facade that must remain unchanged due to its designation as a National Historic Landmark.

According to the Pioneer Press, Michael Jones and his wife purchased the property in 1997 with little knowledge of Fitzgerald, but have gotten to know many things about the famed author while living there. For one, Pioneer Press says Jones described the house as where Fitzgerald "feverishly plotted his pursuit" of his future wife, Zelda. In fact, Fitzgerald gave up drinking to finish his debut novel in hopes of making enough money to win her over.

Fitzgerald wasn't able to kick the smoking habit, however, and used to climb out of a window onto a balcony to smoke—something that Jones unknowingly came to do as well. And Fitzgerald's former bedroom on the third floor? It's now a home office with barrister bookcases and a roll top desk.

The property, which just hit the market on Tuesday, is a lot of history and a lot of house for $650,000, but here's a caveat: be ready for curious visitors. According to Jones, one year they had 1,500 people come by. Take a tour, below.