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Prolific Tokyo Studio Nendo Gets First Retrospective

A look at designer Oki Sato's whimsical, wide-ranging output

The work of prolific Toronto-born, Tokyo-raised multi-hyphenate Oki Sato and his design studio Nendo is being showcased in a retrospective at the Design Museum Holon in Israel. The exhibition, called "The Space in Between," is Sato's first large-scale show and features both old and new designs spanning his career.

Curated by Maria Cristina Didero, the exhibition features over 70 works divided into six categories—Between Processes, Between Textures, Between Boundaries, Between the Object, Between Relationships, and Between Senses—and is intended to be an immersive experience. The pieces, which range from furniture to lighting to simple but irreverent objets, are organized within white cubicle-like volumes that highlight the in-between spaces that are normally left unexplored.

"This presentation investigates the only space in which Sato could not intervene, the space in between, but on which he actually powerfully does: what is in-between, what is un-design, and the carefully calculated operative-area left to light and air," writes Didero in the exhibition notes.

Sato, who is known to work on 400 projects simultaneously, studied architecture but is also a major talent in the fields of graphic, interior, and product design. Take a tour of his whimsical output below.