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3 Cylindrical Side Tables to Round Out Your Apartment

Some are even dual-purpose!

It's often the simplest forms that make for the best, most versatile designs. Here, we highlight three side and coffee tables that take the basic shape of the cylinder and adapt it in interesting ways.

1. Tea Collection by Sara Ferrari for Durame

This fun side table collection from Italian designer Sara Ferrari can be combined in 48 different configurations, which isn't the only reason we like them so—they also double as transparent storage vessels that can showcase your favorite magazines or knick knacks. The tables in the Tea collection, which were designed for Milanese company Durame, are made of a glass vase available in two sizes and four colors, and a table top available in a lid or tray style and three different wood finish options.

2. PVC and Concrete Columns by Au Workshop

The next collection from Budapest-based Au Workshop takes two humble construction materials—PVC pipe and concrete—to create column-like forms that can be adapted for a variety of uses, including as a stool, a stand for displaying objects, and—yes—a side table. The rough concrete and the textured, pink-hued column give these pieces a rustic, old-world feel that is also a little PoMo in its approach.

3. Hoop and Stave Table by Hinterland Design

Here's a coffee table from Hinterland Design's new spring collection that brings a whole lot of geometry to the, er, table. A 12-sided, wood-paneled barrel encircled by floating steel hoops, sits on a thick circular base, while a smoky glass top comprises the table surface. While it cannot be removed, it reveals the joinery details inside. It's also available as a dining table with space for six.