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Modern Timber and Glass Cabin Connects Its Owners to Nature

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It’s lovley

Ah, summer: ‘Tis the season to retreat to pools, national parks, and, if you’re among the lucky, a private oasis of your own in nature. That’s just what one Oregon family had in mind when they commissioned Bainbridge Island, Washington-based firm Cutler Anderson Architects for this lovely idyll in the northern Beaver State town of Newberg, about 30 miles southwest of Portland.

Visitors to the clean-lined, steel frame Newberg Residence, as it’s known, traverse a small bridge across a manmade pond to enter the home through a timber door in a modest north-facing facade. Comprising a steel frame and Douglas fir structure, it’s a contemporary take on the traditional cabin in the woods, offering 1,650 square feet of living area, a 551-square-foot guesthouse, and a garage connected to the main dwelling via a mudroom and covered walkway.

Unlike the entry, the house’s south facade is fully glazed, and broad windows open right up to views of the pond on the site and, more importantly, put the living room, kitchen, and bedrooms right in the line of the sun. The architects told Dezeen:

"The design attempts to make the pond [on the site] and residence a single entity, in which the owners can enjoy and connect with the wild creatures that come to the water."

Take a look.