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5 Tiny Houses We Loved This Week: From the Solar-Powered to the Father-Son Project

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And Snapchat stars in a tiny home?

Another week, another fresh crop of tiny house news. Here, we catch you up on the standout projects you should know.

What’s not to love about a good-looking tiny house that can go off-grid with solar power? This nomadic solar tiny house comes in at 210-square-foot and employs 6 solar panels on the roof. Bonus points for awesome art and very useful projector screen. Its owners are accepting pre-orders for additional builds like it.

Escape Homes, the company behind generously-sized, amenity-rich, and decidedly modern tiny homes just announced that it’s offering "Test Stay" Vacations. Three of its tiny homes, parked in scenic areas in Chetek, WI, Atlanta, GA, and Salem, OR, will be available for overnight or extended stays. The one shown above, the Escape Traveler in Atlanta, offers full-size kitchen appliances and a standard 60-inch bathtub.

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Well, this is interesting: Word is that four Snapchat stars will be covering the Republican National Convention with in July and they’ll be staying in a couple of new tiny houses completed as part of the city’s nascent Citizens Bank Tiny House Experiment. A few sneak peeks of the tiny homes have showed up on Instagram and it looks pretty rad. But mostly, this is just the buzzwordy project ever.

Leave it to the Dutch to design an airy, minimalist tiny house that looks perfect for a woodland getaway. This 182-square-foot design from Walden Studio features large double doors, even larger windows on all side, loft bed under an operable skylight, and reading nook.

This is an impressive tiny house built by a father-and-son team in La Grange, CA. The process took about a year and allowed the pair to collaborate and spend a lot of quality time together. According to the Modesto Bee, the house will eventually be moved to Hawaii. Sounds good to us!