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7 Gorgeous Houses that Showcase American Design

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From the traditional to the eccentric

To celebrate our fair country’s 240th birthday, we’ve rounded up seven U.S. homes that showcase the diversity of American design. From a traditional brick house to a sleek mountain retreat, these houses show that anything goes when it comes to dreaming up your ideal home.

1. Blue Lake Retreat in Marble Falls, Texas

Built on a steep slope overlooking a lake in Texas, this three-story vertical house by Lake|Flato Architects features an exposed-steel frame and an exterior staircase.

2. Memphis House in Maui, Hawaii

Italian postmodern architect and father of the Memphis movement Ettore Sotsass designed this colorful and geometric house in Maui. It is one of only three private residences Sotsass built in the U.S.

3. Kentucky Bourbon House in Bardstown, Kentucky

The 1787 Federalist-era mansion Kentucky Bourbon House is steeped in local history and was, until recently, run as a bed-and-breakfast by Bourbon Historian Colonel Michael Masters and his wife Margaret Sue Masters.

4. Frank Lloyd Wright Adelman House in Fox Point, Wisconsin

Frank Lloyd Wright designed the Adelman House, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, in 1948. It recently underwent an astonishing renovation by The Kubala Washatko Architects (TKWA).

5. 1970s Log Cabin Turned Modern Home in Cloverdale, California

Designed by Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architecture, this airy modern home on a vineyard in California was constructed using recycled from the 1970s kit log house that once stood on its grounds.

6. Two Facade House in Boston, Massachusetts

What looks like two houses sitting side by side is actually one. When the home was renovated, the architects at SAS Designbuild decided to preserve the traditional facade of the existing structure and add a second modern half.

7. Little House in Seattle, Washington

The “Little House,” designed by Seattle studio M W Works Architecture + Design, is located in the Washington woods overlooking scening Hood Canal. Despite its name, it certainly packs a massive punch.