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Compact Home in Japan Looks Enchanting With Arches and Curves

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Doesn’t it look so inviting?

We’ve touched upon how something so architecturally simple as an arch can enhance a housing complex or a retail space. This compact house in Japan further proves that the addition of arches and other curves can change the entire feel of a home.

Designed by ALTS Design Office, the two-story residence located in Otsu, in Shiga Prefecture, was created for a young family around the idea of being a "comfy" house. Working with only 105 square meters, or 1,130 square feet, the architects saw an opportunity to make the space feel cozier and more comfortable by adding curves to windows, doors, walls, and ceilings.

The overall structure of the house is a plain cube with an asymmetrical roof, but it’s the arches that render the space inviting. One enters the home through a tall arched entryway via a brick courtyard and garden, and inside, arches figure throughout: The double-height dining area features curved walls that lead the eye upward to the mezzanine level, while a vaulted entryway provides access to an elevated living room whose windowed doors open up to the courtyard.

The simple interior of the two-bedroom house features white walls, built in timber shelving, and other wooden accents. Each doorway is arched, and many of them are infilled with custom doors made from western hemlock. Large double-heights windows in the living area ensure that sunlight floods the home. Take a look around the quietly enchanting space.