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Revamp Transforms Two 1910 Apartments Into a Light-Filled Townhouse

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So much sunlight!

Home renovations come in all stripes these days, from the modest kitchen revamp to the ambitious total overhaul. This charming, clean-lined home in the Netherlands falls somewhere at the center of that spectrum.

To give a circa-1910 townhouse in the Dutch city of The Hague a new lease on life, and reunite two separate apartments in the structure, local architect Antonia Reif devised a scheme that updates the early-20th-century dwelling by laying new flooring (herringbone wood, to be precise), and adding some luxe touches, like a picture-perfect second-level bathtub beside a broad window with a view into a garden behind the home.

The reimagining was spurred by the new owners’ desire to live in a—you guessed it—open-plan home. This led Reif to carve out space for a new staircase connecting the home’s first and second levels in the former atrium, and create an open kitchen with a giant island and in-wall appliances. It’s all illuminated from overhead via a skylight. Take a full look over on Dezeen.