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Couple Designs Tiny House Fit For 3 Dogs and So Much Stuff

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Many tiny houses have trouble making it work for more than one person, let alone a couple plus three dogs. But with their new Basecamp tiny house, Oregon engineers Tina and Luke Orlando prove that it’s all possible.

Designed over 18 months, their 200-square-foot tiny house has a laser focus on three things: pet-friendly features, storage, and off-grid capability. For the dogs, there are multiple kennels, built-in food and water bowls, plus a sliding gate to section off the lofted sleeping area.

As for storage, well, just take a look at these pictures—the whole place is a nook-and-cubby paradise. To sustain itself, the tiny house comes equipped with features like a rainwater collection system, composting toilet, and solar array (visible from the nifty rooftop deck.)

Intrigued? Plans for the Basecamp model are available for purchase.