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Richard Meier's Lake Michigan Stunner Receives Historic Designation

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It was restored over a period of four years by its current owners

The Douglas House in Harbor Springs, Michigan by Pritzker-winning architect Richard Meier has received historic designation from the National Register of Historic Places.

Designed in the late 1960s for Jim and Jean Douglas of Grand Rapids, the modernist, all-white home sits "notched" into a steep slope that leads down to Lake Michigan. By the time Michael McCarthy and Marcia Myers bought the property in 2007, the building needed a serious facelift, so they undertook an ambitious renovation project, in consultation with Meier’s office, that spanned four years.

Their diligent work has clearly paid off. According to a press release from Meier’s office, the "unimpeded flow of space from inside out" has been "rendered more profound."

The architect had this to say about the new historic designation:

Reflecting on the history and the design of the Douglas House I believe the architect is really the facilitator of creating something which goes on to have an existence that is much greater than itself and has a life that is longer than any of the people involved in the creation of it.

In thinking about the ideas that go into making architecture one has to think about not just the context, the circumstances of the site, its history, the surrounding buildings, the topography, and the nature of the place in the public realm, but also about what it can be, what it will be, and how it will be meaningful for future society.

We are deeply honored by this historic distinction of the Douglas House, and we are very grateful for all the dedication, care and supervision given by the current owners of the house. Michael McCarthy and Marcia Myers have returned the house to its original intent.

Take a look at the gorgeous home below.