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Hotel Minibars Get a Chic, High-Tech Update

We dig these

Minibars are not, generally speaking, anything to write home about: In addition to being an invitation to incur additional cost on your likely already-pricey vacation, they’re often hidden behind whatever compressed-wood paneling is the theme of the suite. But Spanish design firm Papila Studio is looking to change that, having updated the drab, traditional hotel minibar with their Nature collection, which draws on the vivid, saturated colors of the natural world to inspire a line of high-tech minibars with cabinets, sliding drawers, and more.

Offered in green and terracotta hues—or in a birch-plywood, oak, ash, or walnut veneer—the modern cabinets (called Bustper) were inspired by the shutters on classic Mediterranean homes, especially ones in the designers’ native Spain. They’re offered in small and large sizes. To bring the units even further into the 21st century, Papila embedded Bluetooth sound systems in the pieces. Take a look.