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Gorgeous Hilltop Modern Home Nestles Into California Forest

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The heat has us swooning for all the gorgeous summer-ready properties all over the country, but this particular stunner in Larkspur, California knocked us out cold. Designed by Jensen Architects, the minimalist, modern Larkspur Hilltop, as it’s called, nestles into a foresty hillside in Marin County and offers views of Mt. Tam and the San Francisco Bay.

Conceived as a plinth and a pavilion, the home features bedrooms on the lower level and a completely indoor-outdoor dining and living pavilion that opens up (via sliding glass doors) onto the deck and swimming pool. An oversized cantilevering roof adds drama to the sleek structure, while mirrored portions of the exterior reflect the native oaks of the residence’s surroundings.

The interiors of the 5,300-square-foot home were designed by Nicole Hollis, who also designed the white oak bed in the master bedroom. Larkspur Hilltop’s other amenities include a prefab Alaskan yellow cedar spa, radiant heating, rain gardens, and a green wall. Have a look around.

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