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New Amsterdam Hostel Features Quirky, Colorful Accommodations

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Would you stay here?

If you’re traveling to Europe soon and haven’t booked your hotels yet, why not consider staying at a Generator Hostel? Known for its non-traditional, high-design aesthetic, Generator Hostel—available to book for budget prices in trendy destinations like Stockholm, Paris, London, Berlin, and Copenhagen—is now open in Amsterdam.

DesignAgency and local architects IDEA Ontwerp restored a former health sciences building and zoological museum while infusing the space with their own brand of vibrant, zany design. The result is an eclectic mix of references from traditional Dutch folklore and contemporary tastes, with work from local artists displayed throughout.

Elements of an auditorium were preserved but also refashioned to accommodate three separate lounges. The first is the original amphitheater of desks, behind which is a platform that includes more tables and chairs, and above that, a mezzanine that presides over the high-ceilinged space. The auditorium also features a bar at the front of the room where a professor would normally stand, and the room’s original drapery.

Each guest room, whether private or shared, features wallpaper from Studio Job and playful yet comfortable accommodations. The hostel’s other amenities include a cafe that opens up to a terrace, a canteen on the lower level, and a former library-turned-event-space. Would you stay here?