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Inside a Creative Director’s Eclectic Hamptons Getaway

A melange of art and other objects make Anthony Sperduti's home as approachable as it design-y

It makes sense that the Sag Harbor Bay cottage of Anthony Sperduti is filled with art, photography, and other objects that the Partners & Spade creative director and co-founder has collected over the years. Sperduti and his business partner Andy Spade are the masterminds behind the deployment of many brands that are considered cool: Warby Parker, Norstrom, Shinola, Sonos, and J.Crew, to name a few.

But despite Sperduti’s branding prowess, he didn’t wanted his beach house to feel "designed." Instead, he wanted to fill it with things he likes and for it to be a place, as he tells Sight Unseen, where "you can walk in with wet feet and spill a beer."

Dubbed Chateau Salty Pants, the secluded Hamptons home was built in the 1940s as a fisherman’s house. According to Sperduti, the small-scale residence feels almost like a boat and rambles from room to room—in a good way.

Naturally, he did the interiors himself, but worked with Naomi Clark of Fort Makers for the zesty, large-print wallpaper in the dining and living area. Other colorful accents include the yellow fridge, portions of the otherwise white walls that are painted in bold hues, and graphic textiles and rugs. Take a tour of the cozy, art-filled hideaway below.