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Sublime Smart Home Updates the Traditional Ranch

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Featuring an amazing century-old oak

Another day, another swoon-worthy modern home from California—not that we mind. Built around a century-old oak in the Santa Lucia mountains of Carmel, CA, Ranch OH by Feldman Architecture and landscape designers at Bernard Trainor + Associates reimagines the traditional ranch house as a stunning modern retreat. And truly, the vigor of the anchoring tree can be felt from all the main living spaces, which feature soaring glass walls that spotlight the shaded courtyard.

The weekend retreat for a Bay Area couple, the home was built with a modern and rugged material palette, which includes pre-weathered corrugated steel cladding, exposed concrete floors, buffed limestone walls, and oil-rubbed steel. As detailed in a recent Dwell profile, the house has also been tricked out with smart home technology, chiefly a Savant Pro system that can, among other things, open the blinds and heat up the jacuzzi well before the owners’ arrival.