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Pokémon Maps are Trying to Aggregate Every Single Pokémon, Stop, and Gym

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Be the very best

Curbed’s city sites have been hard at work mapping out where to catch Pokémon, but now there’s not one but two resources—and more to come, surely—that are trying to catch ‘em all—that is, by aggregating all of the Pokémon Go sightings in a single map. (There’s also this Google Map of PokéStops and gyms.)

The first is PokéMapper, a "crowd-sourced Pokémon Go sightings tracker" and "global collaborative map" built by OpenRide, a Sacramento-based peer-to-peer ride sharing service aimed at long-distance travelers. Free and open-source, PokéMapper allows any Pokémon Go player to chart their sightings on a public map. To add a sighting, one simply taps on the map.

Right now the map is sparsely populated and appears to have some user-experience issues. That may be forgivable, since, after all, it is just a day or two old. Its first tweet went out a mere two hours ago:

The second is, which allows you to add not only Pokémon, but PokéStops and gyms as well. You can also filter locations by PokéStops, gyms, Pokémon, or Pokémon type. It was created by Reddit user /u/jenerikku of /r/PokemonGoGTA.

What do you think: Are these maps overkill or super useful tools that’ll help bring the Pokémon Go-playing community together? Or maybe you don’t care about that. Maybe the maps will only make it easier for you to achieve your goal of becoming the very best trainer, the master, like no one ever was.