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Rad Home Goods Line Manages to Make Concrete Look Delicate

With inspiration from Félix Candela

Lowly concrete has been deployed to elegant, striking effect in residential architecture recently, and now the material will also surprise and delight on a much smaller scale. In a new line of home accessories for Mexican homeware brand Más, Spanish-Mexican studio LaSelva and designer Iván Zúñiga have joined concrete and additional materials to form chic vases, trays, candleholders, and plates.

First up, rounded concrete trays of different shapes and sizes were designed to rest on varying wooden bases, creating a neat contrast of the warm and cool. Next, the candleholders with an arched, geometric form are a nod to Spanish-Mexican architect Félix Candela. Perhaps most impressive are the concrete plates, which were made to be as thin as structurally possible—in this case, just six millimeters thick. Rounding out the collection are the vases with with a concrete base and removable metallic rim. All of the concrete pieces can come in grey, black, or rust. Have a closer look.