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Here are all the Star Wars Land images Disney has released so far

Each one is more fantastical than the last

Disney has unveiled information about its planned 14-acre Star Wars Land in fits and spurts, with each fit (and/or spurt) accompanied by a few more conceptual drawings, which portray a fantastical land that surely can’t be what the actual park is going to like look, but then again, we live in a marvelous age and let’s all just keep our fingers crossed.

Unfortunately, it can be hard to find all of those images in one place, until now*, in this very blog post (*apologies if we missed some, but this is, at the very least, a lot of them).

While we remain skeptical that there are going to be real life X-wings whizzing through the air, or ever-present clouds of mist indicative of the atmosphere on a planet in a galaxy far far away, or zero tourists, we also remain transfixed by all these drawings. And as far as how much of the reality of Star Wars Land they represent, guess we’ll just have to least three years to find out.

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