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Bastille Day 2016: 5 Paris Apartments With Serious Style

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Très chic

Today, Thursday July 14, is Bastille Day in France. What is Bastille Day, you ask? (No, not the 2016 action movie starring Idris Elba.) Bastille Day commemorates the start of the French Revolution in 1789 with the Storming of the Bastille—a seat of royal power—in Paris, and the Fête de la Fédération on the same day in 1790, a celebration that both marked the revolution’s start and the forming of the new constitutional monarchy.

As Bastille Day celebrations kick off around the world—from Belgium to Vancouver, British Columbia, and many, many places in between—we’re taking a look at the cool classic-meets-modern Paris apartments we have recently featured on these pages.

From efficient, tiny studio apartments built with skinflint budgets (about $37,000, to be precise), to luxe maisonettes that have graced the pages of glossy magazines, we’ve found Paris homes of all sizes to be fonts of inspiration for city dwellers (and metro-curious exurban and rural ones). Here now, five spaces that offer inspiration and straight-up eye-candy.

1. This airy Paris apartment is picture-perfect after renovation

A sleek apartment in the city’s fifth arrondissement, with herringbone-wood floors, classic molding, and chic, sculptural furnishings.

2. Renovation transforms Paris attic into efficient, modern studio

Love tiny homes and Paris style? This compact studio apartment has both, all on a budget of €33,000 (just under $37,000).

3. Designer's Paris apartment packs in pop colors, rad patterns

Paris isn’t all well-appointed, traditional, bright-white interiors: One designer turned his 915-square-foot apartment into this riotously colorful space full of patterns and textures.

4. Quirky-cool Paris apartment full of fabulously curvy designs

Into high-drama spaces? We found your heart-eyes-emoji-worthy dream home.

5. 3 tiny-apartment tips from a colorful Paris attic studio

But let’s be real: While high-drama is great, most of us are just trying to make do with limited space. We rounded up some actionable tips for design-savvy city slickers who are working to the make the most of very little square footage.