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Silence of the Lambs house finally sells

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It went for $195,00, about two thirds of the original asking price

The Western Pennsylvania house in which serial killer Jame "Buffalo Bill" Gumb murdered and skinned his victims in order to make a woman-skin suit in the 1991 classic The Silence of the Lambs has finally sold, to an unnamed buyer, for $195,000, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune Review.

The house was listed nearly a year ago for $300,000 and made headlines fairly consistently by failing to sell, with some speculating that potential buyers were creeped out by the scenes that had been shot there (or in the case of the basement dungeon where "it puts the lotion in the basket," shot on a soundstage somewhere). Still more speculated that the reason it was failing to sell was that it was priced too high considering that the location is very remote—"There's an old, rusty bridge that crosses the Youghiogheny River and serves as the main access route to the nearby town of Perryopolis," the New York Times wrote.

Considering the eventually sale price, the latter seems like the likelier theory.

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