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All-in-One Storage Unit Creates Cozy Nook in Adorable Australia Flat

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With a little clever planning and ingenious design, the limited space in studios and other micro-apartments can be rejiggered to be used more efficiently. Sometimes that means creating multi-purpose furniture or partitions, or, in the case of this recently renovated studio in Sydney, employing units that do both.

Helmed by Sydney-based "spatial design studio" Catseye Bay, the renovation of the 36-square-meter (or 388-square-foot) studio apartment involved carving out dining and living areas from the existing kitchen and "bedroom." To do so, Catseye Bay director Sarah Jamieson created a combination partition-wardrobe-shelving-bed-frame unit for the sleeping area, and a shelving-countertop-dining unit for the kitchen. Both are made from birch plywood.

To divide the sleeping area into a more private—and efficient—space, Jamieson designed an approximately two-meters-tall (six and a half-feet) structure that comprises a platform for a bed and bench on one side, and on the other a wardrobe and storage shelves. Angled diagonally against a wall into a corner, the all-in-one establishes a cozy nook and lounge space for the occupant.

The kitchen features a similar concept in which a shelving unit includes a countertop that extends to become a surface for dining. Both structures incorporate curves that nod to the Art Deco exterior of the apartment building. Take a look around the flat below.